How to Remove Header from Results using Query function

To remove the header from the results using the Query function in Google Sheets, you need to modify your query to exclude the header row. Follow these steps:

  1. Identify the header row number. In most cases, the header row is the first row (row 1).
  2. Modify your Query function to exclude the header row by using the OFFSET clause. The OFFSET clause allows you to skip a specified number of rows before starting to return the result.

Here's an example:


Assuming you have data in range A1:C10, and the header is in row 1. You want to get the data in columns A and B, without the header row.

  1. Write the Query function as follows:
    =QUERY(A1:C10, "SELECT A, B OFFSET 1", 0)
  2. In this formula, A1:C10 is the data range, "SELECT A, B" is the query to get columns A and B, OFFSET 1 is to skip the first row (header row), and 0 is to not use any headers in the result.
  3. Press Enter, and you will get the data in columns A and B without the header row.

Remember to adjust the data range and query according to your specific requirements.

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