How to Convert Text to Numbers in Google Sheets

To convert text to numbers in Google Sheets, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open your Google Sheets document.
  2. Identify the cells containing text that you want to convert to numbers.
  3. Click on the cell containing the text you want to convert.
  4. Go to the "Format" tab in the top menu.
  5. Hover over the "Number" option in the dropdown menu.
  6. Select the appropriate number format you want to apply. For example, if you want the text to be converted to a simple number, click on "Number". If you want it in currency format, click on the currency symbol.
  7. The text in the selected cell will now be converted to a number in the chosen format.

You can also use the VALUE function to convert text to numbers. Here's an example:

Example: Using the VALUE function

  1. Suppose you have a text value in cell A1, which you want to convert to a number.
  2. Click on an empty cell where you want to display the converted number (e.g., B1).
  3. In the formula bar, type =VALUE(A1) and press Enter.
  4. The text in cell A1 will now be converted to a number in cell B1.

Remember that the VALUE function will only work if the text in the referenced cell contains a valid number. If the text cannot be converted to a number, the function will return an error.

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